Top 5 Household Eco Products

We’ve devised a few of our favourite Household Eco Products of 2017.


1. RAVPower Solar-Panelled Waterproof Charger

The RAVPower charger is a must have for those looking to conserve energy

-The Triple Port Power: Smart IC frequency technology detects and evenly distributes output current to all three USB ports while ensuring every device is evenly charged

-The charger is also completely waterproof to ensure the item doesn’t get damaged

-Will charge anything via USB ports, including your: Phone, Tablet, Gopro, Battery Packs and more!

-Most of all, It’s light, portable and all round a decent buy



2. The Eco-Toothbrush

The  Eco-Toothbrush is made from bamboo and is 100% biodegradable, including the bristles. Even the packaging is compostable!

-It can be recycled for multiple uses, they even suggest using the handle as plant-stakes for flower and garden labelling

 -The bamboo is heat treated to resist bacteria and microbes from forming whilst you use it, therefore making it more hygienic than the average toothbrush

-It has a simple and sleek natural design which offers a unique aesthetic to an everyday household item


3. Waterpik Eco-Flow Shower head


This Eco-flow Shower head enables you to save water and money without sacrificing shower performance 

-The shower head comes with four custom modes, including water-saving and water-massage mode

-Has a fixed shower head, with easy clean nozzles and a water pause toggle switch

-An all round efficient and affordable everyday item




4. Water Powered Alarm Clock

Eco Products

This Water Powered Alarm Clock is 100% powered by water!

-No batteries or external power supply needed

-Eco Friendly

-Will save money on electricity

-Comes with a temperature display as well as date and time

-A unique idea that could potentially be applied to other Eco-Products




5. Epicurean Recycled Cutting Board


The Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board is made from recycled wood

-Environmentally friendly product

-Clean minimal design

-Available in recycled cardboard

-Light-weight, temperature resistant and durable


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Written by EarthFlo


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