Tom Rosenthal Musician

Tom Rosenthal – Musician

Who Is Tom Rosenthal?

Tom Rosenthal is a British singer-songwriter and composer. His videos have been featured on: Vimeo’s Staff Picks, Huffington Post and have accumulated over 24 million views on his YouTube channel. He is a completely self-published online musician with an original style.

Tom’s songs are unique, upbeat and guaranteed to make you smile. Each song is accompanied by a quirky music video to compliment his comical and lighthearted tone. Here’s one of our favourite’s:

Tom Rosenthal – Little Big Mistakes

You may also recognise some of his more commercial work from various short films and television commercials. His music shifts between several themes, from humour and positivity to nostalgic melodies and thoughtful stories. A lot of his more well-known tracks consist of just his voice and a piano or guitar, making for a pure and authentic sound.

It can be hard to stand out in creative industries, especially with music! However, Tom Rosenthal is an example of how talent and originality can still rise above the crowd; without having to grind your way through the industry. His career acts as inspiration for other creatives attempting to be successful outside of the mainstream guidelines.


Music Therapy

Although his music may not be to everyone’s taste, I think everyone can take away from his outlook on life. Tom isn’t afraid to make himself seem ‘silly’ in the eyes of a conventional society. By pushing the social boundaries and breaking whats considered to be the norm, he has been able to build a loyal fan base. This is because his music resonates with a lot of people who often feel trapped by social convention; afraid to expose their personality in fear of judgement.

We could all take a leaf out of Tom’s book when it comes to the stresses of everyday life. It would be great to have a culture where everyone feels comfortable to openly express themselves, allowing for a more accepting and indiscriminate society.

Tom Rosenthal – Middle of My Mind


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