Having A Sustainable Lifestyle

There are several stigmas and misconceptions when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle. We’ve devised some suggestions to show you how you can make a considerable difference in protecting the environment with a few adjustments to your daily routine.

Sustainable Lifestyle

1. Eat Less Meat

This can be a touchy subject, seeing as eating meat is so ingrained into our cultures. The single most effective way that you can reduce your effect on the environment is to stop eating meat. The agriculture industry contributes to almost a quarter of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

It’s estimated that the average westerner emits 10 tonnes of CO2 per year, 2.5 of which comes from food. This isn’t to say that everyone has to give up meat, but it’s good to be conscious of the impact of your lifestyle. Even reducing your meat intake by half would have a significant effect.

If you want to research further into the topic, we’ve collected s

some valuable resources:

Environmental Workshop Group, Time for Change, Diet Comparison


2. Reduce Food Waste

In the UK we throw away approximately 7 million tonnes of food a year, half of which is still edible. This breaks down to about 470 lbs per person, per year. Most of this food waste is accumulated in the average household, either by expired products or unfinished meals.

This is a result of poor planning and impulse buying. An effective way to combat this issue is to plan your meals. Work out exactly what you’re meals are for the week. Write a list and try to stick to it.

Another suggestion would be learning to use your leftovers efficiently. There are plenty of cook book’s and guides to give you some inspiration, check out BBC Good Food for more info


3. Alternative Transport

Transport forms over 20% of our overall emissions here in the UK. The best and most obvious way of tackling this issue would be to use your car as little as possible. Public transport is a good alternative, or better yet, using a bike or walking for short journeys.

Electric cars are definitely a step in the right direction however they are often over-priced and are only as sustainable as the electricity you put into them. Countries such as Denmark and Holland are setting a good example for the rest of us, with their transport emissions being nearly half of the UK’s.

To find out more about transport emissions you can read this article from The Guardian or this post from ETA


4. Be More Energy Efficient

By reducing our energy inefficiency we are contributing to the largest sector of greenhouse gas emissions, electricity and heat production. Being more efficient with your energy usage will also have huge personal economic benefits, saving you money whilst lowering your impact on the environment.

Being aware of your house’s heating is a good place to start. Try to use the heating as infrequently as possible, and if it is a necessity, try turning it down a few degrees. It doesn’t sound like much but this could have a huge impact on your carbon footprint as well as your wallet!


In terms of electricity, it’s good practice to use your household items on the lowest setting’s possible, such as washing your clothes at 30 degrees, opposed to 40 or higher. Most devices have a low-power or energy saving mode, or if you’re not using them, get into the habit of turning them off. It’s recommended to do this consistently across all of your devices; it will also save you a tonne of money.


5. Recycling & Smart Consumer Choices

By being aware of the contents of what you’re buying, you avoid unsustainable ingredients such as palm oil. Palm oil production is one of the lead causes of deforestation in places such as Malaysia and Indonesia; causing an increasing decline of our natural rainforests. Palm oil can be used in nearly half of all household products and is definitely one to avoid if possible.

Probably the most obvious and easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact is to recycle. Around 40% of the products we throw away can actually be recycled, therefore it’s good practice to take an extra minute or two to check what you’re throwing away. If you want to read some facts about the benefits of recycling, click here.

Alternatively, here are some suggestions of our favourite Eco Products

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