Who Is Ido Portal?

Ido Portal is a revolutionary in the art of movement. Yes, movement, something that we all do (some more so than others).

He has trained several athletes, including the notorious mixed martial arts fighter, Conor McGregor. Helping them to develop their range of movements through a series of techniques and practices.

The idea of movement as an art form can be quite a tricky concept to grasp, however, Ido believes it is fundamental that we practice our most basic of functions.

Ido Portal developed an interest in traditional martial arts at a very young age. After discovering the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira fighting style at fifteen, he later came to the realization that he wasn’t just interested in martial arts, but in the bigger picture, movement.

Since then, Ido has made it his mission to both study and teach movement techniques, pushing the limits of what can be achieved with the human body.

Who Is Ido Portal? - The Art of Movement - EarthFlo

Ido Portal – Demonstrating Balance

“The intention is not to present those involved as ‘Masters of Movement’.– as anyone presenting themselves as such is delusional at best. No one can be a master of all movement pursuits.”


An extract from Ido Portal’s website (www.idoportal.com) – explaining a bit about his journey and ambitions:

“Over the years I’ve traveled the world both teaching and studying from a variety of teachers: from Osteopaths, Manual Therapists and MD’s to Professional Dancers, Yogis, Athletes, Circus Performers and Fighters.

I tried not neglecting any angle, from nutritional approaches to movement & health to Functional Anatomy & Physiology to methodology of the training process to mental aspects of movement practice and more.

Slowly I started to form a body of knowledge and a point of view on Movement Education, development, cultivation. My workshops became very popular and I found myself traveling everywhere to teach: all of Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Canada, the US, all over Asia and Australia.

I also conducted a yearly event called ‘The Movement Camp’ –  Movers from around the world come together for 7-10 days and learn from a variety of teachers while exchanging and drawing conclusions into their own practice. This event enabled great cross information to flow between fighters, dancers, anatomists, rock climbers, etc. Information that was until that point quite secluded and isolated in those specific disciplines was now shared, tested, discussed.”

Movement Culture

“Movement Culture represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality, moving us away from main culprits in movement and fitness as well as the separation between health, aesthetics, performance, and art.”

 What is Movement Culture?

Ido Portal’s ‘Movement Culture’ strives to extend people’s movement vocabulary. He aims to create a discussion between multiple disciplines such as Martial Arts, Dance, Acrobatics and other movement-based practices. By sharing knowledge between specific practices, individuals will gain a wider understanding of movement; opposed to a purely specialized perspective.
One aspect of Ido’s training involves replicating animal movements. He says he incorporates this method as a way of exploring our evolutionary history, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of our bodies capabilities. Ido views the quadrupedal movement (walking on all fours) to still be a fundamental human practice.
Ido Portal’s philosophy towards movement involves a sense of appreciation. An appreciation for the human body and the possibilities that come with it. Ido says the best reason to move is ‘because you can’. Although some of his thinking is not without its flaws, there is a lot that can be learned from exploring our primal functions.
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Who Is Ido Portal? - The Art of Movement - EarthFlo

Ido Portal’s one-arm tilted handstand

McGregor & Portal – Movement Training

Conor McGregor has become one of the most infamous athletes in the world, bringing Mixed Martial Arts to the mainstream. Of course, a lot of this is due to his ‘loud-mouth’ persona, however beyond that is a highly-skilled athlete.

McGregor is the first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously. He continues to push boundaries, now challenging the 49-0 boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Many people have attempted to analyse the secret to McGregor’s success. This could be a combination of factors, however, he is one of the only fighters that focuses his training directly towards movement.

McGregor has been able to develop a range of unique styles, moving unlike any of his competitors. This sparks the question: How much of his success does he owe to training with Ido Portal?

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Here is a short clip of some of their seemingly unusual training routines –

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