Film Photography Showcase – July 2017


Taking a look into the world of contemporary film photography – Submissions from both professional and amateur photographers. 

Over the last month, I reached out to a few photographers whose work I admired. I asked them to write a short piece about themselves or their work, accompanied by some of their best images – Here is the result.

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Bryan Kong

“Sea Scavengers – This series is just a documentary piece on a few sea urchin farmers I found outside the Hilton Hotel in Bali, Indonesia. Finding them was such a stark contrast to the backdrop of tourism, commercialism and the hotel industry. It was quite the challenge for me to take their photos as I had to go through waist (or near chest) level water in order to get to them but it was all well worth it.

Empty Spaces – This series is an exploration on how people can be disconnected to our surroundings or environment. Colour gives life to images and so do people to “spaces” so I have purposely desaturated the photos as a metaphor to this lack of life and vibrance. Most of the images were shot on Kodak Portra 160 and 400 and shot around California specifically around the bay area.

Im a photographer out of Manila and a large body of my work comes from my interest in street/documentary portraiture. My background in art is actually in music as I’m a composer/producer and a professional drummer for a band called ‘Taken by Cars’ here in the Philippines.”


Website –

Instagram – @bryan_kong 



Gabby Savage

“I only started practicing analog photography a little over a year ago. My father was rummaging in the basement when he came across his old camera (a Fujica AZ-1) which he gifted to me. I had no prior photography experience but I quickly became hooked on analog and began expanding my arsenal of film cameras to almost a dozen. Although I have experimented with many cameras, I primarily shoot with a Pentax K1000 – which is simple, classic, and extremely rewarding to use.

Since beginning, I have managed to shoot on average one roll of film per week. I tend to take photos of whatever is in front of me—people, animals, landscapes, anything. 

Currently, I am enrolled at the University of British Columbia as a science student studying Cognitive Systems. During the school year I often wander around the city looking for interesting individuals to take portraits of. During the summer I have more time to travel and practice landscape photography. In all, I am a relative amateur who just enjoys escaping the books and documenting life.”  


Instagram – @gabriellesavage




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Dante Velasquez

“Growing up with an architect father was tough. He wasn’t a practicing architect – no, he had left that career behind when he came to the US to start a family, but he was still an architect at heart. He taught me the importance of perfection. Doodles were within a grid, origami folds were sharp and crisp, and paint-brush strokes were calculated. It was interesting because I was doing all this creative, artistic stuff as a child, but I was always trying to achieve perfection through it.

I didn’t realise until I was older that perfection and art do not and can not go hand-in-hand. I was limiting myself for years because I wouldn’t even start a project for the fear of its ultimate imperfection. Then, I discovered film photography. Suddenly, I couldn’t be in control of everything. The lenses had a mind of their own, each stock of film had a different way to tell each story story. All of my photos were far far far from perfect – but I loved them. The flares, the out of focus bits, the motion blur, the harsh flash – these were all imperfections that I realised made the photos beautiful.”

Website – 

Instagram – @dantevelasquezjr




Joan Michel

“Carving letters while dreading class. I photograph these images with my @canonusa A1 , @lomography colour negative 100 and the model @jonathannormolle  

I just started this year getting back into film photography. I learned how to develop and print during my first year of college. My dad handed me down his Canon AE-1 and his camera equipment. For years, I was just photographing in digital and now I wanted to retrace my steps working with film in my fashion photography. There’s a depth feeling when looking at a film photograph compared to digital which may seem more flat. I enjoy the whole process of photographing and testing different films and traveling to the photo lab in Brooklyn. I’m based in Jersey City, NJ and mostly photograph there primarily. I haven’t found my favourite film to work with just yet.”

Website –
Instagram – @joanmichel




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Norrul Hidayah Binti Embong

“I am Norrul Hidayah binti Embong, 26 years old. I am a photographer based in Terengganu, Malaysia.
At the age of 20, I started getting into film photography with zero knowledge in photography. I bought my first film camera, Holga 135BC and started exploring the film world since then. I had met two mentors whom are also my friends and had learned a lot from them.
I like to take portraits of people and cats in my leisure time. I fancy shooting landscapes too, using my favourite toy camera, Superheadz Ultra Wide Slim. Most of the photos I have taken are related to daily life and emotions. My artworks focus mainly on showing emotions and what my life is about. What I feel, what I do, what I love, the people I spend time with, my family and friends in film instead of portraying it digitally. The reason I chose film is that I like the way it works; from loading film into the camera to the developing process, it’s challenging. The outcome of film photography is more stunning than that of digital, which it can’t imitate. It has also taught me to be patient and hardworking.

What inspires me to keep shooting film is because I want to preserve beautiful moments that I see everyday and share it with the world and the people I love. I’ve been featured in local magazine and some film websites before, an achievement that keeps pushing me forward and keeps me from giving up. I do film photography as a serious hobby and I’m hoping that my works will inspire more people to shoot film.”


 Instagram – @applecolours





John Thatcher

“As a photographer, I try and capture that feeling of an endless summer. The smell of fresh air and a wide open landscape. Nothing can change the soul like a sunrise on a warm July morning. Im just trying to capture those feelings with my camera.”


Website –

Instagram – @johnrandolphhh





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Stephen Zane

“Hi, I’m Stephen Zane, a commercial/editorial photographer living in Tampa, Florida, who specialises primarily in portraits.

This year I’ve dove almost completely into film photography, so this collection of images represents portraits made for a variety of projects over the last six months.

My only real philosophy when making portraits is this: “I want to move you”.

Hopefully through this body of work, I manage that. Making portraits pushes me to make deeper connections with others. Done well, it portrays the subject with nobility and intrinsic value. It’s something I thoroughly enjoy, and I hope you will too.”


Website –




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