The beautiful thing about nature is that it has no politics, no assumed identity, no nationality and no mental artefacts. As humans, we have forgotten that we’re a part of nature; an interdependent organism that flourishes upon coalescence. The assumption of unnatural, self-righteous, egoistic qualities that we hold as personal identities have created a world that is difficult to live in. We now have a crazy world which we seem to ruin the more we think. We want to dominate and influence hence find ourselves forcing erroneous one-dimensional perspectives into a very dynamic, complex yet simple and abundant existence; a delusion of grandeur in which we have fooled ourselves to believe we own the earth. I believe this is quite a selfish and arrogant complex to maintain and govern our lives by. Harmony in the natural world is severely hindered by these hierarchical distinctions and this insatiable desire to dominate. It seems high time for this human collective to retreat into silence and observation; into feeling and compassion.


The recent uproar in Charlottesville, USA is a sound reflection to the very division constructed through ideology. Even in a land inherited through theft and genocide, the successors still hold notions of a monocultural and mono-racial space that apparently belongs to them on the basis of inheritance. Unfortunately, the irony is that even within this white supremacist group, should they trace their primogeniture lineage far back enough they will find a very foreign and multifaceted story comprised of a diverse and interlacing heritage. We are all a blend of different regions and peoples that have traversed this planet for many years.

This beautiful anthropological phenomenon, hoisted upon pillars of macro and micro biological foundations carries immense potential. The archaeology of our organism reveals an anthropomorphic diaspora incredibly dynamic and unequivocally related. When one looks to the natural world, one sees that the streams flow without politics or economics and the tree grows regardless of legislation or labour laws. Out of fear we have proliferated physiological, psychological and environmental violence and essentially driven ourselves delirious. The irony of it all is that our history is shared; there is no existence of a pure culture or a pure language. Human interaction is dated for millennia. People have traversed this terra incognita and have shared and exchanged ideas since before the advent of colonialism and factionalism. We originate from this earth, evolve from this earth, feed from this earth, learn from this earth, dance on this earth, cry on this earth, die on this earth and now more than ever, the resurrection of our kinship should predicate our steps to follow.


Russia spreads across to a territory that we call Asia but it is still regarded as a European country. It’s all an idea, not a geographic truth. We agree that countries are a result of conquest; it’s not as though they were categorized and predestined by the earth itself. Nationality is a human advent. The conflicts that we are witnessing today help to unravel this delusion. The refugee crisis also highlights this issue in a greater light. Those scrambling for power and ownership dismantle the ability for others to coexist ecologically. The culture of fear misdirects accountability so it is easy to find a scapegoat (often your neighbour) when you cannot identify the system which profits from discrimination, othering and segregation. None is born with language, none is born with culture, none is born with nationality and none is born with hatred. These are all taught, learned and acquired in a culture which relentlessly exacerbates identity, based on these notions. This cycle has repeated through the ages, taking different forms and up until we awaken to our own ecology, this madness will persist ad infinitum.

“Fear creates markets, and capitalism always needs new markets.” – Ashton Applewhite.

The colours of humanity reflect our diverse wealth. The human organism is like a salad compiled of a wide variation of vegetables and fruits of different shapes, sizes, colours, textures and nourishment. It is time to admit that we made a naïve mistake by virtue of immaturity and lack of knowledge. In this process of transformation beyond concepts, sentiments, mind stuff and futile debates – initiative, conscientious dialogue and the embodiment of change is the paradigm shift; an earnest and assiduous process of shedding the ingrained layers of social conditioning. The world we perceive and create is significantly influenced by the internal associations of the perceived reality. The transformation of internal perception is the transformation of external experience.


– Derrick Shadrack


“We are biological flesh and blood animals whose conscious experiences are shaped at all levels by the biological mechanisms that keep us alive… Our individual self and worlds are unique to each of us but they’re all grounded in biological mechanism shared by many other living creatures.” – Anil Seth (neuroscientist)


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