Making the Film

This film is a result of a four-month long journey, exploring the depiction of chickens in the modern world. We decided to share our opinions in the form of a short poetic documentary.  The aim of the project was to draw the link between animal and food. Allowing people to be conscious of what they’re consuming, and where it comes from, therefore promoting the idea of sustainable eating.

Along the way, we spoke to people from the Sustainable Food Trust, Hen Welfare and various chicken farms. After spending a considerable amount of time with these animals, we discovered there was a lot more to them than meets the eye. The chickens would often show affection much like any household pet, therefore it suddenly became odd to regard them as ‘livestock’.

Take Action

If you live in the UK and would like to adopt some battery-farm chickens; visit the British Hen Welfare Trust

This is also part of an online interactive documentary
Find out more about the project:


Created by:

Director – Lucy Marsden
Producer – William Davies
Editor – Jacob Crow-Mains
Sound – Jonathan Allen
DOP – Blythe Dillistone-Miller
Music Composer – Dan Cippico
Drone Operator – Sam Jordan-Richardson
Voiceover – Patrick Holden

This is another video from the project. We wanted to find out how much space ‘free range’ chickens actually get. We built a box to find out

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Written by EarthFlo